Talent Africa

Actors - Dancers - Instrumentalists - Models - Vocalists




Solo: R500.00 per ITEM
Visual Arts: R500.00 per ITEM
Duet/Trio: R750.00 per ITEM
Small Group (4-7): R1 400.00 per ITEM
Large Group (8-12): R1 800.00 per ITEM
Production (13+): R1 950.00 per ITEM

The purpose of the competition is to support talented children, youth and adults. This is a unique contest that gives soloists and groups an opportunity to evaluate creativity by a highly professional international jury. Without going abroad, participants receive international diplomas of and appreciation letters for their teachers and accompanists. Distance participation via Internet motivates creative groups and soloists to new successes without additional costs (travel, accommodation etc.). Participation in this contest also promotes patriotic education and national identity - participants represent their country's culture at international level. Preparation for the contest gives teachers new ideas, gives participants new inspiration, higher level of stage skills and experience.

• presentation of artistic achievements of children, youth and adults;
• development of artistic skills;
• exchange of experiences;
• support of cultural education of children, youth and adults;
• integration of professional artists with the amateur artistic movement.

• Vocal NO BACKING VOCALS: Pop, Folk/Ethnic, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Musical theatre (Broadway)
• Instrumental: Classical, Contemporary, Open
• Dance: Acro, Folk/Ethnic dance, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary dance/Modern, Musical theatre, Open
• Drama/Eisteddfod: Comedic, Dramatic, Open, Legit /Theatre, Reading, Dramatized Poetry, Undramatized Poetry
• Modeling: Casual, Formal, Fitness, Runway, High fashion
• Visual arts: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture

1) under 6 years old - Baby
2) 7 - 9 years old – Junior I
3) 10-12 years old – Junior II
4) 13-15 years old – Junior III
5) 16-19 years old – Junior IV
6) 20-25 years old – Senior I
7) 26 and years old and older – Senior II

South African competitors may ONLY enter through TALENT AFRICA.
Gold and Silver medallists from the 2020 Nationals Event. Open to Mediterranean Legends and Euro Dance Qualifiers from 2020
Solo/Duet/Trio/Groups – 1 item up to 2 minutes;
Visual arts - 1 work made in various styles and techniques (connected to one topic).
The performances can be accompanied by "live" music (accompanist) or recorded music.
The use of playback by vocalists during performances is prohibited (no backing vocals or lead vocals).

Jury - International professionals in different fields of culture invited by Organizers.
Jury evaluates participants' choice of repertoire, skills, selection of costumes and props, general artistic expression.
Jury evaluates participants individually according to age category and skill.

Scale of points
Diploma of Participant
Diploma of Laureate III – 3rd place
Diploma of Laureate II – 2nd place
Diploma of Laureate I – 1st place
Special Jury decision – Diploma of GRAND-PRIX. (Overall Winner)
The Organizer reserves the right not to award GRAND-PRIX.
The Organizer reserves the right award additional GRAND-PRIX for separate nominations.
Jury members votes are not published.
Jury members will not comment their points.
Jury decision is final.

1. The Organizer accepts video recording sent via videos, links to youtube, facebook, instagram, google disk or any other cloud storage (without viewing restrictions!). Do not delete video recording until you receive a diploma and general results published.
2. The video recording must not be edited (without editing of image and sound), it must not contain special effects.
3. The video should be recorded from the beginning to the end ("live"), in high quality, without acoustic interference or gaps.
4. The video should be recorded on stage, in the auditorium, class or other suitable room or outdoor place with nice scenery background and surroundings.
5. Instrument, hands and face of the performer must be clearly seen.
6. Stage costume is required.
7. Video recorded during another event, competition or concert is allowed.
8. Unprofessional video recorded made with a mobile phone or tablet is allowed, but it should be of a good quality with clear sound. Home video is allowed.
9. In the case of dance, the video should be recorded as general plan to make the entire choreographic layout visible.
10. Performance is allowed in any language.
11. Visual Arts - photos of works are sent to organizer for your region (Talent Africa)
12. Video must be recorded not older than 6 months ago.

The adjudicators decision is FINAL and no discussion will be entered into


VIRTUAL SPAIN – Singers, Dancers, Instrumentalists, Actors

This international online contest is an opportunity to be evaluated by internationally recognized jury members, professionals and famous artists, educators, music and choreographic coaches.

A chance to get worthy European awards from the leading festival and competition organizing committee, which is working with more than thirty international organizations.

The competition is supported by the ministries of culture and tourism of more than 20 countries.

This is not just an online competition, it is an opportunity to be seen and heard by representatives of production centers throughout Europe, owners and directors of schools, colleges and universities that issue grants for training in European educational institutions.

Participate in the international distance contest – and attract international attention!


Choreographic groups and soloists:

I: classic ballet;
II: folk dance, ethnic dance;
III: ballroom dance;
IV: cheerleading;
V: modern dance;
VI: variety/open dance;

Instrumental groups and soloists:

I: piano;
II: string-bowed;
III: string-plucked;
IV: folk instruments;
V: accordionists;
VI: wind instruments;
VII: jazz style ensembles;
VIII: symphony orchestras;

Singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):

I: classical singing;
II: church singing;
III: jazz singing;
IV: rock and rap;
V: folk singing;
VI: pop singing;
VII: musical theatre/broadway;

Original Genre

I: acrobatics, artistic gymnastics;
II: theatre acting, acting;
III: the art of the spoken word (poetry), recitations;

Age groups of the participants:

I younger than 10 years old
II 10-12 years
III 13-15 years
IV 16-19 years
V 20-25 years
VI from 26 years
* The group age is based on the majority of the participants

RULES and Technical requirements :

Soloists, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, ensembles and groups – can present 1 performance (number, dance, song, musical piece) up to 2 minutes.
Your presentation must be recorded on video and uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox or any other service and to provide a link to the video together with the application for participation.
Video editing is not allowed! The video should be taken with a static camera, without interruptions and changing the angle. The video can be taken specifically for the contest, or to be a recording from another contest.
The video recording or work cannot be older than 1 year from the moment of filing the application.
* The participants may submit several works to the competition. Each additional work is paid as an individual entry.

The jury has the right:
not to award all the prizes;
to share prize among performers;
to award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements;
to make a decision about breaking a performance which exceeds the bounds of the regulations;
the jury evaluates the participants on one hundred-point system, the final result is made up of the average quantity of the received scores and the average value of the progress scores;
the jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to review.

Choreographic groups and soloists:

– mastery
– technique of movements’ execution
– compositional creation of the performance
– correspondence of the music and choreographic
– artistic skills, disclosure of an artistic image

Instrumental groups and soloists:

– degree of the complexity of the repertoire
– degree of virtuosity and technical capability
– scenic culture, artistic skill, posture

Singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):

– purity of the intonation and quality of sound
– beauty of the timbre and the voice strength
– scenic culture, artistic skill
– Mastery – technique of movements’ execution

Original Genre

– level of preparation and mastery;
– suitability for the theatre (flexibility, costume, properties, performing standards);
– artistic mounting of the program.


Copper diploma – participation
Bronze diploma – third degree
Silver diploma – second degree
Gold diploma – first degree
Platinum diploma – overall degree


Solo: R600.00 per ITEM
Duet/Trio: R850.00 per ITEM
Small Group (4-7): R1 400.00 per ITEM
Large Group (8-19): R1 800.00 per ITEM
Production (20+): R1 950.00 per ITEM


AMERICA – VIRTUAL Worldwide Talent and Modelling Championships

ALL performers welcome

DATE: December 2021

RULES: Please see the Talent Africa rules.

PRICING: To be confirmed