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Talent Africa - F.A.Q’s

Q : Why should I enter?

A : We offer Local, National and International performing platforms for entertainers of every age, experience level and background.

Q : What are the benefits of entering Talent Africa?

A : We offer the opportunity to perform in front of local and international scouts which provides opportunities to be scouted for further career development.
A : Talent Africa hopes to develop and encourage your talents.
A : We offer many different avenues of talent development and exposure, including: Talent Africa : The Reality TV Series.
A : Talent Africa has various sister companies namely F.P.A.S.A (Federation of Performing Arts South Africa) whom provide Federation Colours for Performing Arts, Discover Our Talent (D.O.T) where various talent scouts and international industry professionals can view registered members’ resumes and profiles for consideration in professional TV, Film and performing careers.
A : Having fun and making friends.
A : Being part of a group and team, following our slogan “A Family of Performers” who have a common interest in the Performing Arts.
A : We believe in cultivating respect amongst performers and appreciation for the talents of others.
A : We promote building confidence in addressing crowds (on stage) to assist in future careers.

Q : What is a “Triple Threat”

A : Traditionally, a Triple Threat is a performer who takes part in Vocal, Dance and Acting Categories. Talent Africa includes other categories into our consideration of a Triple Threat. We include Instrumentals and Modelling. The Triple Threat is awarded to an INDIVIDUAL performer who takes part in any 3 of 5 categories mentioned above and achieves the highest average score. The Triple Threat Winner will also receive a Cash Prize. There is a Junior and Senior Triple Threat Award.

Q : What is a “5 Star Award”

A : This is awarded to an INDIVIDUAL performer who achieves the highest average score in 5 of the categories namely Vocal, Dance, Acting, Instrumental, Modelling, Photogenic nd Creative Works. This award also includes a cash prize.

Q : How is the “Overall Winner” chosen?

A : The overall winner is chosen by carefully auditing all of the scores allocated at Talent Africa Nationals. The overall winner will only be awarded to a contestant who has taken part in multiple categories. The highest average score overall in these categories is awarded the “Overall Winner” title, as well as a substantial cash prize. (these prizes depend on entry count and are at the directors discretion).

Q : Why does TA encourage international travel?

A : We believe that travel is a very important part of a performers life. It is incredibly educational, as well as providing the opportunity to perform on an international stage.
International competitions provide the opportunity for professional scouting and international industry workshops hosted by world class professionals.

Q : What is a “Showcase” ?

A : A choreographer decides on an undisclosed theme and chooses items throughout the week for the show. The showcase items that are chosen have nothing to do with scores, medal awards and final results. It is simply the choreographer/producers choice of what fits in with the theme. After the showcase, special awards prizegiving begins.

Q : What are the “Special Awards” ?

A : The special awards include:
·      Top 10 in each Division eg Dance, Vocal etc.
·      Overall Category and Divisional Winners
·      Triple Threat Winners
·      5 – Star Awards
·      Overall Winners