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Talent Africa was established with the core objective of creating the absolute most prestigious National Talent competition of the highest standard ever to be presented in South Africa.

The main aim is to give artists with the relevant talent the best opportunity to be exposed to all that the entertainment world can offer on both national and international level.

The difference is that Talent Africa, through possible partnership with government and NGO’s could offer less privileged individuals a fair chance to receive the correct training and expertise, to ultimately be part of this grandeur event.

Talent Africa also shapes each and every young performer who shows talent into a world-class entertainer through national competitions, workshops, pageants, and international exposure to some of the most prestigious events the world has to offer including the Talent America Competition in New York.

We are passionate about the performing arts and as much as we like to yield performers, it is of the utmost importance that they will have fun, make new friends and learn about the performing arts through our events.

Quality performance:

It is about performance. The best performer reaches the stars; this is the basis for Talent Africa’s events. Talent Africa is responsible for all the necessary input, such as sound and lighting equipment as well as the facilitation of training. Adding your talent will perfect the event.

Highest Achievement:

To refine talent, performers will have to compete against tough competition firstly on provincial level, and then on a national level with the final event being an international competition. Performers will be subject to strict judging by professionals in each form of the Performing Arts.

When performers receive top awards they will feel satisfied that they have achieved the highest place in South African Performing Arts based upon international standards.